VGC Solid Gold Kushan King Shaka mid 4th Century coin

VGC Solid Gold Kushan King Shaka mid 4th Century coin


Very fine solid gold 18ct


weight :8 gram

Kushan empire coin Shaka king

Shaka (Gupta script: Sha-kā) may have been one of the last rulers of the Kushan Empire around 325-345.bc He may have succeeded Vasudeva II. There is a group of Kushan gold coins that all carry the Brahmi legend Shaka in the right field, in the same place where Vasudeva II’s coins read Vasu, so it is natural to suppose that perhaps Shaka was the name of the king who issued these coins. A further support for this idea is that there is a mention of one “Devaputra Shahi Shahanshahi Shaka Murunda” in Samudragupta’s famous Allahabad inscription, as one of the rulers who paid him homage. In this context, Shaka could be a title, it could refer to a tribe, or it could be a personal name. In any case, it seems to be related to the Shaka coins. We do not know the date of the Allahabad inscription, so the best guess on dating Shaka is c. mid-4th century.

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