Japanese WW2 NCO Samurai Katana Type 95

Japanese WW2 NCO Samurai Katana Type 95

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These Japanese ( type 95 ) NCO Samurai Katana’s were used by Japanese soldiers during WW2 against the British Indian Soldiers / Allied soldiers fighting for British empire in Burma  , Rangoon or other fronts against Americans.

Most of these taken away from Japanese soldiers when they die on battle field or simply taken away after the war ends in 1945 as souvenir.   

Original good example is a genuine WWII Japanese Type 95 NCO Samurai Sword or katana with aluminium scabbard.This one came from British Muslim soldier who Took part in WW2 at BURMA front.

Blade is 26.25 inches long, with an overall length of 36.25 inches.

Handle grip wrapping and menuki are cast-formed. Typical WWII Imperial Japanese Army style fittings, with a single suspension ring from the scabbard, known as the “New Military Sword” (shin guntou) style.

All NCO swords were numbered this one has a serial number 14183 on the blade and factory marks on the edge of Tsuba . Early searial numbers tells that this sword have seen full length of WW2.

The locking spring tab that secures the blade to the scabbard. This prevents the sword from falling when the soldier is running.

Traditionally this function is assigned to the Habaki (blade collar). But mass produce swords like this one do not have the accuracy of manufacturing that enable the Habaki to perform such a function thats why its been installed with locks.

NCO Katanas were issued to soldiers who did not want to take their family sword to battle or having multiple family members fighting during the War.

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