19th century double barrel Flintlock Musket belongs to Mir of Sindh Sobdar Khan TALPUR

19th century double barrel Flintlock Musket belongs to Mir of Sindh Sobdar Khan TALPUR

Rs 850,000/-

19th century double barrel flintlock Musket belonged to Mir Sobdar Khan TALPUR ,

very good condition mechanism still cocks and works barrels are clean walnut stock  Tower made London

Mir sobdar khan talpur born in 1802 he became ruler of Hyderabad after the death of mir fateh ali khan the founder of talpur kings, unlike his family ( brothers ) he was sunni by faith.

Mir sobdar khan talpur considered the rule of Sind as his personal estate therefore he was not at good terms with his uncles and cousins ans when in 1843 the Britishers got hold of entire Sind they cunningly promised the Mir to give him the reign of Sind and so made Mir to support Britishers.

But when Britishers betrayed him after getting rule of entire Sind they betrayed Mir Sodbar so fight began but eventually he got caught, exiled and prisoned like the other Mir’s of Hyderabad and send them through Bombay to Calcutta where he Breathed his last in 1845 .

During his short exile of roughly three years in Calcutta he was in extreme grief of Britishers throned Hyderabad and deception of British commander

Sir Charles Napier who betrayed him and exiled him from Sind, made him write the Famous Mathnawi ( judai nama p. 1844 ) the Epic of sorrow secret talk between the poet and his God.

Mir sobdar khan Talpur after staying alone in Exile for almost 3 years suffering from grief at last died of his grief in 1845.

He as a poet has much grievance against this cruel firmament wrote

8372 couplets Mathnawi Judai nama described his restlessness of Poet


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