18th century Katar push dagger with detailed gold Kuftgari work

18th century Katar push dagger with detailed gold Kuftgari work

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Very nice original katar dagger / push dagger used by Sikh’s and Mughal’s as armour piercing

The present dagger or ‘katar’ is a rare variant of the type thought to have been made in the Deccan instead of Rajasthan because the hilt is engraved throughout with blossoming lotus flowers and leaved vine tendrils on a punched ground, the gap between the centrally swollen grip-bars then filled with the aforementioned fretwork which conveys a symmetrical array of four-petalled flowerheads set between stylised lotuses in miniature (it is this unique style of fretwork which suggests the dagger originates from Deccan )
Four fullers have been precisely worked into the blade, their dividing ridges set with more stones before traveling down the blade and converging to help reinforce the long tip.
The cusped arch connection of the blade and handle suggests that this katar originated in the Deccan around the 17th century where the same design was used in architecture.
Elephant head shape/ sign chiselled between blade and hilt is usually mean this dagger used by Elephant Regiment or held by person who is active personal with Elephants thats why sometimes horse sign carved as Cavalry or tigers carved for charging force/regiment been used in those times to show the affiliation or working in different areas of army .

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