17th century camel gun zamburak from Bahawalpur

17th century camel gun zamburak from Bahawalpur

Rs 8,00,000/- ( 8 lakh )

Nice heavy original camel or elephant gun also known as zamburak

17th century

Very nice rare example of  17th  century Zamburak cannon used on top of Elephants or Camel in desert areas of Persian and Mughal states .

this particular cannon is presented to and belongs to Nawab of Bahawalpur so very decorative with tiger face like in attack mode .

Muhammad Sadiq Khan Abbasi 1  in 1880’s

On the time of when he received GCSI ( Star Of India ) from Queen Victoria . He was artillery commandant  in British Royal Army .

This cannon bares the name of Nawab and GCSI engraved on the barrel with the date 1303 Hijri      ( 1885)

cannon is almost

5 feet long

38kg in weight

on stand height is 4.5 feet .

And on top of wooden stand which is made by me original ( kaathi ) type stand was not available ,

so new stand made or iron

few pictures added as refference from different books
available in Pakistan


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