17th century Bahawalpur camel gun/ cannon ( ZAMBURAK )

17th century Bahawalpur camel gun/ cannon ( ZAMBURAK )


Very nice rare example of  17th  century Zamburak cannon used on top of Elephants or Camel in desert areas of Persian and Mughal states .

this particular cannon is presented to and belongs to Nawab of Bahawalpur so very decorative with tiger face like in attack mode .

Muhammad Sadiq Khan Abbasi 1  in 1880’s

On the time of when he received GCSI ( Star Of India ) from Queen Victoria . He was artillery commandant  in British Royal Army .

This cannon bares the name of Nawab and GCSI engraved on the barrel with the date 1303 Hijri      ( 1885)

cannon is almost

5 feet long

38kg in weight

on stand height is 4.5 feet .

And on top of wooden stand which is made by me original ( kaathi ) type stand was not available , and not suitable for house display .
available in Pakistan

price released : 10 lakh  ( COL.F )

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